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Editorial Policy

At, our editorial board consists of a single member, Jeremy Westerbeck. As the sole member of the editorial board, Jeremy Westerbeck is responsible for overseeing the content, quality, and adherence to our editorial policy.

1. Accuracy and Verification:
Jeremy Westerbeck is committed to presenting accurate and reliable information. A rigorous fact-checking process is followed to verify all claims, statistics, and sources before publishing.

2. Balance and Objectivity:
Content is presented in a balanced and objective manner, allowing readers to form their own opinions. Sensationalism is avoided to maintain the integrity of the information presented.

3. Transparency:
We are dedicated to transparency in all aspects of our reporting. Any conflicts of interest are disclosed, and corrections are promptly made if errors are identified.

4. Sources and Attribution:
Credible and authoritative sources are prioritized for content creation. Proper attribution is provided to all sources used in articles to ensure transparency and accountability.

5. Respect for Privacy:
Personal information and privacy are respected. Consent is obtained before using personal information, and relevant data protection laws are followed.

6. Editorial Independence:
Editorial decisions are made independently, ensuring content is not influenced by advertisers, sponsors, or external parties.

7. Diversity and Inclusivity:
Content reflects a range of perspectives and voices, promoting diversity and inclusivity in all discussions.

8. Correction and Clarification:
Inaccurate information is corrected promptly, and clarification is provided when content is confusing or misleading.

9. Reader Engagement:
Feedback from readers is valued and taken into consideration for continuous improvement. Respectful discussions are encouraged in comment sections.

Jeremy Westerbeck, as the sole member of the editorial board, upholds the CIF guidelines and ensures the highest ethical standards in journalism.

Last Updated: 8/17/2023

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