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On September 18, 2015, Jeremy “JP” Westerbeck started JP Westerbeck Photography. Just as a junior in high school, wasn’t easy. Becoming multiple team photographers for the Oilers, alma mater by his senior year. He became well known around the city with high school students, alumni, staff, and parents. Getting his name out more and more. Moving on to the end of 2017, Jeremy left HBHS to start a short stint with the Fountain Valley Barons for Football as the team photographer. Jeremy would then return back to the Oilers in 2018 where he hasn’t left since, starting the HBHS Football (2018-present) and HBHS Boys Soccer (2022- present) social media. Back in the Fall of 2018, Jeremy started doing Junior College Football games with Golden West would then last with them until 2019 and a short 1 game stint with them in 2021. In 2019, Jeremy was brought on to help with Saddleback College Athletics for photography for football and was supposed to be other sports later on but with COVID that opportunity was lost. Going into 2021, Jeremy started what’s now called Media Day bringing athletes and coaches into his studio creating great high quality content for social media work. Producing graphics for the Oilers and the Newport Harbor Sailors as well as the official Sunset League News Media brand of Sunset Rewind. Jeremy would then return to Saddleback in the fall of 2021 with the now Saddleback Bobcats helping them out for Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. Then adding on to his resume as the official Saddleback Bobcats Baseball team photographer. In April of 2022 and 2023, Jeremy was given the opportunity to work as one of the Long Beach Grand Prix photographers.

Now Jeremy plans to bring the media side of things into his company, producing more graphics, more photos, more articles, and later on videos to help branch his company out more with the now JPWest Media.

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